XPG GAMMIX D20 8GB 3200 CL16

XPG GAMMIX D20 8GB 3200 CL16

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Product Description

A Hero Lurks in the Shadows

The GAMMIX D20 sports an intimidating black or gray heatsink that'll overshadow its flashier peers.

A Speed Demon

Made with high-quality PCBs and put through a rigorous quality control process, the GAMMIX D20 reaches speeds of up to 4133MHz.

* Check module compatibility at: https://www.adata.com/en/support/dms/

Supports AMD Platforms

Through verification testing done in conjuction with various motherboard makers, the GAMMIX D20 works optimally with the latest AMD platforms.

* Check module compatibility at: https://www.adata.com/en/support/dms/

Effortless Overclocking with XMP 2.0

The GAMMIX D20 has full XMP 2.0 compatibility to make overclocking effortless when installed on PCs that also support XMP 2.0: better performance, less steps needed!



Model NameSpeedSizeLatencyVoltageHeat Sink Color
DDR4-3200PC4-256008GB x 1CL16-20-201.35VBlack
DDR4-3200PC4-256008GB x 2CL16-20-201.35VBlack
DDR4-3200PC4-2560016GB x 1CL16-20-201.35VBlack
DDR4-3200PC4-2560016GB x 2CL16-20-201.35VBlack
DDR4-3200PC4-2560032GB x 1CL16-20-201.35VBlack
DDR4-3200PC4-2560032GB x 2CL16-20-201.35VBlack
DDR4-3600PC4-288008GB x 1CL18-20-201.35VBlack
DDR4-3600PC4-288008GB x 2CL18-20-201.35VBlack
DDR4-3600PC4-2880016GB x 1CL18-20-201.35VBlack
DDR4-3600PC4-2880016GB x 2CL18-20-201.35VBlack
DDR4-4133PC4-330008GB x 1CL19-23-231.4VBlack
DDR4-4133PC4-330008GB x 2CL19-23-231.4VBlack